Post # 195: Deeper Than Rap

Just Little Over A Week After Rapper Rick Ross' Album "Deeper Than Rap" Was Released, It Has Been Confirmed By Several Sources [Go Find Them Yourself] That The [Real] Rick Ross Will Be Released On Monday May 4, 2009 [That's 4 Days Away].

Gee, I Wonder After All The Contro And All The Convo About If Rick Ross Is Real Or Not Is Gonna Come To Light Now That The Man Who Pretty Much [Made Hip-Hop] What It Is Today Is Released In Less Than A Few Days.

Ross...Excuse Me William Roberts Better Shave His Beard, And D-Boys All Across The Country Better Pay Homage.

The Day Of Reckoning Is Coming For Everybody That Thought This Man Wasn't Coming To Get His...

This Is Gonna Be A Sight To See..


Post # 194: New Wu

Shouts to MaxiMilly [Them Other Niggas Is Silly]

Post # 193: Shamless Plug

My Blog That, In My Opinion, Actually Feels Like A Blog...


Mind Of A Martian

Post# 192: Nike Woman Of The Week Pt.1

Nike Fact: The Word "Nike" Gets It's Name From Greek Mythology. The Goddess "Nike", Her Name Meaning "Victory" Personified Greatness. [If You Don't Believe It, Wiki That Shit, Stupid!!]

But This Particular Person That I Have In Mind Is My "Goddess" In A Sense That She's Just By Far The Best Thing That Happen To Me Since I Met My Girlfriend...

And I Don't Care What You Say About Given Women To Much Credit. I Would Personally Give This Woman My Entire Nike Collection [A Bold Statement Indeed But Not Very Much A Big Deal Cause She Wears Like A Size 7 or Something Like That]

But Yeah She's Like The Best Friend [Second Only To Jesus] A Guy Could Ever Ask For [She Came Outta Nowhere Really]

Unfortunately For You, I Ain't Dropping Names [You Don't Even Deserve To See A Picture , But I'll Do It Anyway] For Copyright And Biting Purposes [You Know Who You Are...]

But Long/Short, She's The Only Girl [Rather The Only Person] I'd Let See The Real Me [Cause Quite Frankly, Others Don't Deserve It. Well, Maybe My Girlfriend. lol.]


Post# 191: Obama Impersonation


Post # 190: Japanese Beatbox


The Magnificent 10: Official N.I.K.E. Catalog

Nike Dunk Premium [Channel Zero]
Purchase Date: Spring 2009
[I Heard About These Last Year From My Man Day-Day And Ever Since Then Aside From The Gold Supras, They Had Been My Primary Shoe To Find. Then One Day After About A Year, I Found These Joints At One Of My Favorite Spots And Didn't Hesitate To Grab These Joints.] [They Were The Last Pair. I Have A Habit Of Doing That]

Nike SB Premium [De La Soul's]
Purchase Date: Summer 2008
[You Know How You Get That First Job That Pays You More Than What Your Uesd To Getting?[At My Last Job My Biggest Payday: $178 And Change] So When I Got On And Got A Little Bit Of Money I Went'Head And Cop These Joints At One Of My Fave Spots]

Nike Dunk Premium [Glow N' The Dark; Lemon Lime]
Purchase Date: Fall/Winter 2008
[I Bought My First Pair Of Nike's From A $30 Warehouse. [Don't Judge Me, Odds Are You Got What I Copped] And Eventually, I Bought Out They Entire Stock Of Dunks, Vandels, Etc. So After About A Year In A Half, I Go Down There And I Find These Joints. [Mind You They Are Way Too Big But Like I Said, I Bought Them Out And I Aint Want Nobody To Cop Them Joints]

Nike Dunk Premium [Varsity Reds]
Purchase Date: Fall 2008
[This Was Just A Impluse Purchase. They Were On Sale, They Were The Last Pair, They Were Slick. So Overall, I Barely Ever Wear These Joints But To Have Them Is To Appreciate The Sneaker In of Itself.]

Supra Skytop [Floral Joints]
Purchase Date: January 2008
[I Was On a Trip With My Business Class In High School And We Headed To Manhattan Mall. There Was This Skate Shoe Store Going Out Of Business And I Had Seen These Joints In Complex A While Back. [Ironically They Had The Gold And Silver Supras Up There And If I Were Thinking The Right Way, I Would've Copped Them Joints Early!!]

Nike Air Jordan [The 1's]
Purchase Date: Spring 2009
[Like I Said In My Last Post, I Was Shopping At The Thrift Store Looking For Some Button-Ups Tryna Do Something New When I Found These Joints Laying In The Corner Of The Store For $29.29.] [*Faints*]

Adidas [Lemar And Dauley]
Purchase Date: Winter 2008
[Now I Know That As A Stan Of All Things Nike And All That [Mind You I Got Supras On The List] I Had To Get These Joints. I Wanted Them Since 2007 And Once Again They Were The Last Pair!!!]

Nike Dunk Premium [Notebook Nikes]
Purchase Date: Spring 2008
[I Had Just Came From Church With My Brother And We Went To The Closest Mall To Just Look Around [Window Shop, lol] So Out The Corner Of My Eye I See These Joints. [Mind You I Was Suppose To Go To Senior Inauguration And I Was Suppose To Be Looking For Something To Match And Buy The Ticket...Guess Who Didn't Make It To The Dance...]

Nike Dunk Premium [Ronald Mcdonalds; Ron McDons]
Purchase Date: Fall 2008
[Once Again, It Was Impulse Purchase But I Saw These On The Feet Of Many Suspect Ass, Doo-Doo Head Ass Niggas] [My Pet Peeve When It Comes To Sneaks Is That If You Don't Wear Them The Right Way Then They Aint Gon' Look Right. So If I See Niggas Wearing A Fresh Pair Of Shoes, Let Alone Nikes, And They Letting The Shoe Lace Drag All On The Ground, I Get Pissed. Seriously. It's My Problem. Don't Judge Me]

Nike Sb Premium [Lucky 7's; Golden Rhinos]
Purchase Date: Summer 2008
['Nother Example Of Having That New Job And Splurging On So Shit I Could'nt Afford]

Hoped You Enjoyed It As Much As I Did.




Coming Soon...

The Yank Chronicles Vol.1


Getting Face?

Rick Ross - Depper Than Rap Pictures, Images and Photos

Face - Rick Ross

Coolest Kids I Know....

The Future Of Nikavelli?

Probably Not.

But You Gotta Admit...

They're So Darn Cute!

[No Homo]


The Mission

So I Created This Blog To Display My Personality And My Ever-Growing Love For Nike's...

I'll Admit I Haven't Wrote A Thing About Nike's Or Any Other Show Since I Started... [October 2008]

But I Figure I Just Share With Y'all A List Of Joints I Copped Or I Plan To Cop...

[I'm Like The Fly Malcolm X, Buy Any Sneaks Necessary, Them Red J's Cleaned Up]

Jordan 1's [Retro]

Shouts To My Man Day-Day...

My Man's An Em' Day-Day Is Known To Find Some Real Artsy Shit And Create A Helluva Outfit Piece.

His Secret: Thrift Stores!!!

So Me Being A Little Different And Risking Being Called A Clown [Take A Number] I Decided To Go To The Local Thrift Store.

I Saw A Few Things. Some Stuff I Expected To See [Leather Jackets, Gnomes, Etc]

But Then I Go Looking For Some Dress Shirts and I Find These Joints [See Fresh Ass J's]

For Only $29.29 [What?!?!?!?!] I Got My First Pair Of The Most Coveted Shoe In The Game...

How Lucky Was I Right?

Size 13, Fresh Ass, Red And Black Joints.

[Even Though They're "Retro" You Tell Me Where You Can Find A Pair Of Jordans..Let Alone 1's For Less Than $100 Somethin' Dollars!!!]

Channel Zero Nikes [Replica Joints]

Now I Already Know What You Gonna Say.

Yo Them Joints Is Fake!!!


Yeah, Yeah Whatever...

The Shoe Is 100% Nike Issue Leather [Don't Ask Me How I Know]

Just Somebody Made A Replica of The "Original"

I Don't Care What You Think.

These Joints Is ILL!!!

Plus They're The Only Joints That I Have That Compliment My Kurt Cobain Sweater...

[Don't Ask]

Supra Skytop [Magenta Tiger Stripe]

SUPRA MAGENTA BENGAL TIGER Pictures, Images and Photos

Call Me What You Will But These Joints Are On My List All Summer!!!

Dinosaur Jr. Nike Dunks

Dinosaur Jr SB's Pictures, Images and Photos

A Friend Of Mine [Ha!] Wanted These Joints And I Knew Where To Get These Joints...

But I Knew That If I Told Them Where To Find These They Probably Would Swipe All The Other Shit I Wanted.

But Now The Coast Is Clear [We Ain't Friends No More] I'mma Geh'Head An Cop These Real Soon...

Supra [14k gold] Aka the Shoe I'd Kill For...Literally

supra 14k Pictures, Images and Photos
No Words Can Desrcibe The Way I Felt When I Seen A Gay Dude Rock These Joints...

I Never Felt So Homo In My Life But It Was Worth The Homer Simpson Glare And Droll [At The Sneaks Not The Fag]

But I Know I'mma Have To Go Online And Do All Sorts Of Research To Make Sure These Joints Is Legit.

But These Joints Is Way Better Than My Gold Nikes [Dubbed The "Golden Rhinos"]

So Yeah That's All For Now...

Coming Soon: Full N.I.K.E Sneaker Catalog [It's Gonna Be A Longggggggggggg Post]



In A Nutshell...Here's Me!!!

Advanced Global Personality Test Results
Extraversion |||||||||||||| 54%
Stability |||||||||||||| 54%
Orderliness |||||||||||| 50%
Accommodation |||||||||||||| 54%
Interdependence |||||||||||||||| 70%
Intellectual |||||||||||| 50%
Mystical |||||||||||||| 56%
Artistic |||||||||||| 50%
Religious |||||||||||| 50%
Hedonism |||||| 30%
Materialism |||||||||||||||| 70%
Narcissism |||||||||||| 50%
Adventurousness |||||||||||| 43%
Work ethic |||||||||||||||| 63%
Humanitarian |||||||||||| 50%
Conflict seeking |||||| 23%
Need to dominate |||||||||| 36%
Romantic |||||||||||| 50%
Anti-authority |||||||||| 36%
Wealth |||||| 30%
Dependency |||||||||||| 50%
Change averse |||||||||||| 50%
Cautiousness |||||||||||||||| 63%
Individuality |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Sexuality |||||||||||||| 56%
Peter pan complex |||||||||||| 50%
Family drive |||||||||||| 50%
Physical Fitness |||||||||| %
Histrionic |||||||||||| 43%
Paranoia |||||||||||||||| 70%
Vanity |||||||||||||| 56%
Honor |||||||||||| 50%
Thriftiness |||||||||| 36%
Take Free Advanced Global Personality Test
personality test by similarminds.com

Coolest Guy I Know!!!!


[The Original]


Early Morning Shoutouts...


[The Vaudevillian, Put Away The Small Children]


Martian Lewis


Selda Bagcan [Crazy Thing Happen The Other Day...]

And Last But Certainly Not Least...

Raisin Bran Crunch!!!!

raisin bran crunch!! Pictures, Images and Photos




Malcolm, You Gotta Sample This!!!!

Shouts To Mos Def For Rapping Over This Joint At The Concert Last Month.



Ay Dios Mio!!

nikes Pictures, Images and Photos


Music My Cousin Listens To...

You Gotta Admit. She's Got A Good Ear...

ante up remix - mop feat busta rhymes, remy ma


This Shit IS Tragic But Hilarious...


I Wanna Ham Ham Ham!!!!

Shouts To E-Rich...


I Want These!!!!

Even With Absolutely Nothing To Much These Shits With, I Still Would Wear Them With A Yank Hat.

: )



N.I.K.E.'s Rules To Life [At Least... How I See It]

So I've Been Through A Few Things That Initially Overwhelm My Weak, Naive, Gullible Mind And Heart.

But At The End Of The Day, If Shit Was Easy, We'd All Be Dead And End Up With Something [Or Someone] Not Necessarily "In Good Taste" With Your "Energy"

So Here's A Few Words That I May [Or May Not] Live By...

Hopefully You Can't Add Them To Your Life's Definition Or Not:

1. Go With Your Gut Feelings.

[You Know How They Say, Trust You Initial Feelings And If It's Good Make A Move And If Not Fall Back? Well I Can Say That While It's Not The Most Accurate Of Decisions...But at Least You'll Know That You Had It In You To Make A Bad Decision Turn Good Or Vice Versa.

Serenity Now.

[I Totally Took This From Seinfeld. I See As...Not Letting The Stress Of Noun-Like Situations [Persons, Places, Or Things] And Just Saying Fuck It And Go The Other Way. Cause If You Give Bullshit Any Time To Shine, That Shit'll Stink Up Your Whole Situation. [Literally]

3. Laugh And Grow Fat.

[I've Used To Quote Many Times In My Life. But Alas, I've Yet To Fully Place It In The Right Light Of My Life. What It Simply Means Is Take Chances, Make Mistakes, And Get Messy If Need Be. (Totally Jacked That From The Magic School Bus)]

Find Yourself A Theme Song.

[Example, I Was In A Bad Place About An Hour [Two Weeks Ago] Ago. I Listen To This Song
"Almost Fine" By Scapegoat Wax And I Still Love This Song But At The Time It Made Almost Every Bit Of Sense. But I Had To Get Off My Ass And Make A Decision To Whether Stay "808" Or Get On Some Grown Man Shit. So I Decided To Geh'Head And Listen To Some "Metallica" Their Song "Broken, Beat And Scarred" Inspired Me To Geh'Head And Keep Pushing And Live With No Regrets.

5. When All Else Fails, Listen To "
Dear Summer"

[I Was Talking To My Man's An Em' James About This Girl I Was Fucked Up On. And Dude Gave Me The Most Weirdest Response: "Yo Just Listen To Dear Summer, Shit Makes Sense Like A Motherfucker." So I Geh'Head And "Listen" To It To Get Some Kinda Incite...And To My Surprise, Shit Made Alot Of Sense...[Jay-Z, Who Would've Thought?]

So, That's It For Now.

Hopefully I Can Think Of Some More Shit To Write About...

Hope This Helps.



Damn Halle..

I Aint Know You Get Down Like That! Lol


Nikavelli Exculsive!!!!!!

Well It Was Imeem's First But Like Jada Said "Kiss My Ass!!"

The Last Kiss Pictures, Images and Photos

[Check The Bottom Of The Page, Stupid!!!]