A Great Day to Be Alive.

It's 2010.

10 Years Since "Y2K" Had Everybody Spooked.

Well, I Know I Haven't Really Been Doing This Blog's Namesake Any Justice Recently.

That's Due To The Fact That I Haven't Really That Much To Talk About.

Most Of The Sneakers I Like Are Either Sold Out Or I Can't Afford Them.

Regardless, I'll Start Putting In More Work As Often As I Can.

For Know, Here's My Plan For 2010. (At Least What I Can Think Of)

1. Back To School.

2. Save At Least $500

3. Lose At Least 25-30lbs (That's Realistic Right?)

4. Improve My Work Ethnic.

5. Find A New Job. (And Keep It)

6. Obtain My Driver's Permit (Hopefully By July- Early August I'll Get my License)

7. Be A Awesome Boyfriend To My Girl. :)

8. Get A Phone. (With A Plan)

9. Eat Healthier.

And Last But Most Definitely NOT LEAST!

10.Supra Skytop II (2) Light Grey / Black Red White Shoes

No Words. Just Laces.