The Mission

So I Created This Blog To Display My Personality And My Ever-Growing Love For Nike's...

I'll Admit I Haven't Wrote A Thing About Nike's Or Any Other Show Since I Started... [October 2008]

But I Figure I Just Share With Y'all A List Of Joints I Copped Or I Plan To Cop...

[I'm Like The Fly Malcolm X, Buy Any Sneaks Necessary, Them Red J's Cleaned Up]

Jordan 1's [Retro]

Shouts To My Man Day-Day...

My Man's An Em' Day-Day Is Known To Find Some Real Artsy Shit And Create A Helluva Outfit Piece.

His Secret: Thrift Stores!!!

So Me Being A Little Different And Risking Being Called A Clown [Take A Number] I Decided To Go To The Local Thrift Store.

I Saw A Few Things. Some Stuff I Expected To See [Leather Jackets, Gnomes, Etc]

But Then I Go Looking For Some Dress Shirts and I Find These Joints [See Fresh Ass J's]

For Only $29.29 [What?!?!?!?!] I Got My First Pair Of The Most Coveted Shoe In The Game...

How Lucky Was I Right?

Size 13, Fresh Ass, Red And Black Joints.

[Even Though They're "Retro" You Tell Me Where You Can Find A Pair Of Jordans..Let Alone 1's For Less Than $100 Somethin' Dollars!!!]

Channel Zero Nikes [Replica Joints]

Now I Already Know What You Gonna Say.

Yo Them Joints Is Fake!!!


Yeah, Yeah Whatever...

The Shoe Is 100% Nike Issue Leather [Don't Ask Me How I Know]

Just Somebody Made A Replica of The "Original"

I Don't Care What You Think.

These Joints Is ILL!!!

Plus They're The Only Joints That I Have That Compliment My Kurt Cobain Sweater...

[Don't Ask]

Supra Skytop [Magenta Tiger Stripe]

SUPRA MAGENTA BENGAL TIGER Pictures, Images and Photos

Call Me What You Will But These Joints Are On My List All Summer!!!

Dinosaur Jr. Nike Dunks

Dinosaur Jr SB's Pictures, Images and Photos

A Friend Of Mine [Ha!] Wanted These Joints And I Knew Where To Get These Joints...

But I Knew That If I Told Them Where To Find These They Probably Would Swipe All The Other Shit I Wanted.

But Now The Coast Is Clear [We Ain't Friends No More] I'mma Geh'Head An Cop These Real Soon...

Supra [14k gold] Aka the Shoe I'd Kill For...Literally

supra 14k Pictures, Images and Photos
No Words Can Desrcibe The Way I Felt When I Seen A Gay Dude Rock These Joints...

I Never Felt So Homo In My Life But It Was Worth The Homer Simpson Glare And Droll [At The Sneaks Not The Fag]

But I Know I'mma Have To Go Online And Do All Sorts Of Research To Make Sure These Joints Is Legit.

But These Joints Is Way Better Than My Gold Nikes [Dubbed The "Golden Rhinos"]

So Yeah That's All For Now...

Coming Soon: Full N.I.K.E Sneaker Catalog [It's Gonna Be A Longggggggggggg Post]



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E-Rich said...

I'm gonna get those 14k Supras before you. Just watch.