N.I.K.E.'s Rules To Life [At Least... How I See It]

So I've Been Through A Few Things That Initially Overwhelm My Weak, Naive, Gullible Mind And Heart.

But At The End Of The Day, If Shit Was Easy, We'd All Be Dead And End Up With Something [Or Someone] Not Necessarily "In Good Taste" With Your "Energy"

So Here's A Few Words That I May [Or May Not] Live By...

Hopefully You Can't Add Them To Your Life's Definition Or Not:

1. Go With Your Gut Feelings.

[You Know How They Say, Trust You Initial Feelings And If It's Good Make A Move And If Not Fall Back? Well I Can Say That While It's Not The Most Accurate Of Decisions...But at Least You'll Know That You Had It In You To Make A Bad Decision Turn Good Or Vice Versa.

Serenity Now.

[I Totally Took This From Seinfeld. I See As...Not Letting The Stress Of Noun-Like Situations [Persons, Places, Or Things] And Just Saying Fuck It And Go The Other Way. Cause If You Give Bullshit Any Time To Shine, That Shit'll Stink Up Your Whole Situation. [Literally]

3. Laugh And Grow Fat.

[I've Used To Quote Many Times In My Life. But Alas, I've Yet To Fully Place It In The Right Light Of My Life. What It Simply Means Is Take Chances, Make Mistakes, And Get Messy If Need Be. (Totally Jacked That From The Magic School Bus)]

Find Yourself A Theme Song.

[Example, I Was In A Bad Place About An Hour [Two Weeks Ago] Ago. I Listen To This Song
"Almost Fine" By Scapegoat Wax And I Still Love This Song But At The Time It Made Almost Every Bit Of Sense. But I Had To Get Off My Ass And Make A Decision To Whether Stay "808" Or Get On Some Grown Man Shit. So I Decided To Geh'Head And Listen To Some "Metallica" Their Song "Broken, Beat And Scarred" Inspired Me To Geh'Head And Keep Pushing And Live With No Regrets.

5. When All Else Fails, Listen To "
Dear Summer"

[I Was Talking To My Man's An Em' James About This Girl I Was Fucked Up On. And Dude Gave Me The Most Weirdest Response: "Yo Just Listen To Dear Summer, Shit Makes Sense Like A Motherfucker." So I Geh'Head And "Listen" To It To Get Some Kinda Incite...And To My Surprise, Shit Made Alot Of Sense...[Jay-Z, Who Would've Thought?]

So, That's It For Now.

Hopefully I Can Think Of Some More Shit To Write About...

Hope This Helps.



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