Post# 192: Nike Woman Of The Week Pt.1

Nike Fact: The Word "Nike" Gets It's Name From Greek Mythology. The Goddess "Nike", Her Name Meaning "Victory" Personified Greatness. [If You Don't Believe It, Wiki That Shit, Stupid!!]

But This Particular Person That I Have In Mind Is My "Goddess" In A Sense That She's Just By Far The Best Thing That Happen To Me Since I Met My Girlfriend...

And I Don't Care What You Say About Given Women To Much Credit. I Would Personally Give This Woman My Entire Nike Collection [A Bold Statement Indeed But Not Very Much A Big Deal Cause She Wears Like A Size 7 or Something Like That]

But Yeah She's Like The Best Friend [Second Only To Jesus] A Guy Could Ever Ask For [She Came Outta Nowhere Really]

Unfortunately For You, I Ain't Dropping Names [You Don't Even Deserve To See A Picture , But I'll Do It Anyway] For Copyright And Biting Purposes [You Know Who You Are...]

But Long/Short, She's The Only Girl [Rather The Only Person] I'd Let See The Real Me [Cause Quite Frankly, Others Don't Deserve It. Well, Maybe My Girlfriend. lol.]


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