Post # 195: Deeper Than Rap

Just Little Over A Week After Rapper Rick Ross' Album "Deeper Than Rap" Was Released, It Has Been Confirmed By Several Sources [Go Find Them Yourself] That The [Real] Rick Ross Will Be Released On Monday May 4, 2009 [That's 4 Days Away].

Gee, I Wonder After All The Contro And All The Convo About If Rick Ross Is Real Or Not Is Gonna Come To Light Now That The Man Who Pretty Much [Made Hip-Hop] What It Is Today Is Released In Less Than A Few Days.

Ross...Excuse Me William Roberts Better Shave His Beard, And D-Boys All Across The Country Better Pay Homage.

The Day Of Reckoning Is Coming For Everybody That Thought This Man Wasn't Coming To Get His...

This Is Gonna Be A Sight To See..


2 Comment[s]:

Jay_fever said...

Oh snap son!!! I dunno if dude made rap what it is... If anything he inspired a bunch of dealers and then some of those dealers just happened to become rappers. I'm willing to bet the real Rick Ross couldn't spit a hot 16 to save his life.

N.I.K.E. & Martian Lewis said...

Oh I Know He Didnt Make Hip Hop. But You Gotta Admit That Almost The Majority Of Present Day Hip Hop Is Inspired By The Legend Of Ricky Ross.