The Magnificent 10: Official N.I.K.E. Catalog

Nike Dunk Premium [Channel Zero]
Purchase Date: Spring 2009
[I Heard About These Last Year From My Man Day-Day And Ever Since Then Aside From The Gold Supras, They Had Been My Primary Shoe To Find. Then One Day After About A Year, I Found These Joints At One Of My Favorite Spots And Didn't Hesitate To Grab These Joints.] [They Were The Last Pair. I Have A Habit Of Doing That]

Nike SB Premium [De La Soul's]
Purchase Date: Summer 2008
[You Know How You Get That First Job That Pays You More Than What Your Uesd To Getting?[At My Last Job My Biggest Payday: $178 And Change] So When I Got On And Got A Little Bit Of Money I Went'Head And Cop These Joints At One Of My Fave Spots]

Nike Dunk Premium [Glow N' The Dark; Lemon Lime]
Purchase Date: Fall/Winter 2008
[I Bought My First Pair Of Nike's From A $30 Warehouse. [Don't Judge Me, Odds Are You Got What I Copped] And Eventually, I Bought Out They Entire Stock Of Dunks, Vandels, Etc. So After About A Year In A Half, I Go Down There And I Find These Joints. [Mind You They Are Way Too Big But Like I Said, I Bought Them Out And I Aint Want Nobody To Cop Them Joints]

Nike Dunk Premium [Varsity Reds]
Purchase Date: Fall 2008
[This Was Just A Impluse Purchase. They Were On Sale, They Were The Last Pair, They Were Slick. So Overall, I Barely Ever Wear These Joints But To Have Them Is To Appreciate The Sneaker In of Itself.]

Supra Skytop [Floral Joints]
Purchase Date: January 2008
[I Was On a Trip With My Business Class In High School And We Headed To Manhattan Mall. There Was This Skate Shoe Store Going Out Of Business And I Had Seen These Joints In Complex A While Back. [Ironically They Had The Gold And Silver Supras Up There And If I Were Thinking The Right Way, I Would've Copped Them Joints Early!!]

Nike Air Jordan [The 1's]
Purchase Date: Spring 2009
[Like I Said In My Last Post, I Was Shopping At The Thrift Store Looking For Some Button-Ups Tryna Do Something New When I Found These Joints Laying In The Corner Of The Store For $29.29.] [*Faints*]

Adidas [Lemar And Dauley]
Purchase Date: Winter 2008
[Now I Know That As A Stan Of All Things Nike And All That [Mind You I Got Supras On The List] I Had To Get These Joints. I Wanted Them Since 2007 And Once Again They Were The Last Pair!!!]

Nike Dunk Premium [Notebook Nikes]
Purchase Date: Spring 2008
[I Had Just Came From Church With My Brother And We Went To The Closest Mall To Just Look Around [Window Shop, lol] So Out The Corner Of My Eye I See These Joints. [Mind You I Was Suppose To Go To Senior Inauguration And I Was Suppose To Be Looking For Something To Match And Buy The Ticket...Guess Who Didn't Make It To The Dance...]

Nike Dunk Premium [Ronald Mcdonalds; Ron McDons]
Purchase Date: Fall 2008
[Once Again, It Was Impulse Purchase But I Saw These On The Feet Of Many Suspect Ass, Doo-Doo Head Ass Niggas] [My Pet Peeve When It Comes To Sneaks Is That If You Don't Wear Them The Right Way Then They Aint Gon' Look Right. So If I See Niggas Wearing A Fresh Pair Of Shoes, Let Alone Nikes, And They Letting The Shoe Lace Drag All On The Ground, I Get Pissed. Seriously. It's My Problem. Don't Judge Me]

Nike Sb Premium [Lucky 7's; Golden Rhinos]
Purchase Date: Summer 2008
['Nother Example Of Having That New Job And Splurging On So Shit I Could'nt Afford]

Hoped You Enjoyed It As Much As I Did.



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