Top 5 [Rap Groups]

Note: If You Have Followed This Blog In The Early Stages, You Know That Every Once In A While That I Compose A List Of Top 5 Influences In Hip Hop. So To Make This Perfectly Clear: No Biters Here! Only The Original. : )


Wu Tang Clan
[Word To Maximillion: Suuuuuuu!!!!!!!]

wu_tang_clan.jpg Wu Tang Clan image by daneasta

A Tribe Called Quest

Tribe.jpg A Tribe Called Quest image by jposey1152

The Clispe
[Word To E-Rich: "Keys" Do In Fact Open Doors]

clipse.jpg clipse image by JSmith0055

[I Don't Care What Guru Says: Premo Is Gangstarr. Period.]

gangstarr.jpg gangstarr image by FatJoe69695

[Real Head's Know (c)]

Slaughterhouse.jpg Slaughterhouse image by PPlus4Life

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