Post# 198: Hip Hop, It Started Out In The Park...Right?

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I Could've Sworn It Did.

But For Some Reason I've Been a Bit Nostalgic About A Series Of Convo's I Had A While Ago.


Just Last Week A Lady Friend Of My Said And I Quote:

"[White People] Made Hip Hop What It Is Today"



Like, I Know White People Listen To It.

They Realize That Their Kids Thought It Was "Hip" And "Hopped" Down To They Local Record Store And Bought Records Galore.

I Understand That The Record Executives Had Dollar Signs In Their Heads.

And That Eventually Hip Hop Would Become Yet Another Tool In Pop Culture.

At Least, Hip Hop Based Towards Radio Hits As A Opposed To Making Music To Get Up In The Morning...

...Brush Your Teeth

...Go To Work

....Come home

...Love Your Girl

...Fall Asleep

...And Do It All Over Again.

9th Wonder [Real Head..Excuse Me. TRUE Heads Know Who He Is.] Most Notably Said That Hip Hop Taught Him To Respect His Elders.

Hip Hop Taught Him To Stay In School.

You See Where I'm Getting At?

We All Know That Hip Hop Is Feel Good Music.

Yea. We All Know That.

But The Hip Hop That Matters The Most Is The Hip Hop That Makes A Positive And Personal Influence In Your Life.

Now Don't, Get Me Wrong, I Know There's The Hot Club Joint That Everybody's Gonna Jump To.

Like, If I Listen To The Radio And Go To At Least 3 Of The Most Popular "Urban" Radio Stations, Either A Song Is Beginning Or Ending And I'll Go To The Next Station And The Same Shit Will Be On.

Another Person I Conversed With About Hip-Hop Was More Supportive Of The "Mainstream" Aspect Of The Music Business.

Basically, When It Comes To Hip-Hop, Making Music That's Profitable Is "Good Business"


I..I Don't Know.

Maybe It's Just Me.

Maybe I'm Disgruntled Because I Put Out Like, Four Albums.
[I Aint Made A Dime Yet]

[True Heads Know What This Is About. Lol]

But In All Seriousness, I Just Happen To Think Real Music Comes From The Heart.

Eh. I'm Probably Delusional.

But I Just Assume That Hip-Hop Was "Exaggerated Reality" And Not Just A Big Fat Lie Just To Make A Dime.

[We Got Wayyyy Too Many Politicians For That]

I Mean, If I Listen To "NY State Of Mind" And "Get My Swagg On"


Well, I'm Not Even Go In On Soulja Boy.

But My Point Is That Way Too Much Good Hip-Hop Is Being Passed Over Because Kids Aren't Being Schooled to The Real.

And No I Aint Talking Bout The Real Raw Undaground Murderous Shit.

[Although, That Sets A Standard For Real Rugged Hip Hop As Opposed To Having More Swag Than A Nigga. Word To E-Rich]

But The Type Of Hip Hop That Makes A Person Get Up And Say Fuck That $6.50 an Hour Job And Go Follow They Dreams.

The Type That Makes You Question What People Assume Is The "Right" Thing To Do What Feels "Right"

The Type That Gives You That Extra Push To Keep Going And Put That Gun Down.

The Type Of Hip Hop That I'm Talking About Actually Exists.

But To Some People, It's Not Good Business.

Although It's Relevant To A Certain Sense, It's Not "Popular" Enough To Really Sell...

Gee, I Didn't Think That Shit Had To Be Uber Popular To Be A Hit.

I'm Pretty Sure Gangstarr Aint Have to Go Multi-Diamond To Be Crowned One Of The Best Hip Hop Groups In The World.

I'm Pretty Sure Even Before 9th Wonder Got Named Dropped By Jay-Z, He Was Still Alot Of People's [Including Me] Favorite Producer.

Hell Before Common Became "Overrated" [Yea, I Said It] Dude Held It Down For Almost 10 Years With A Fleet Of Fans That Respected His Music And His Style Wayy Before He Decide To Down Grade To Make Mainstream Listeners Happy.

But I'm Not Killing Anybody's Opinion...

I'm Just Saying I Could've Sworn Hip Hop Was Supposed To Be About Life Outside The Lines.

Instead, It's Just Another Outline Of What The World Wants It To Be...

hip hop Pictures, Images and Photos

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