"The Reason Why I Act This Way/ Is Because I Want So Bad For You To Stay/But I Know I Keep Pushing You Away/I Guess It's True What They Say/Every Dog Has It's Day/But My Day Hasn't Come/I Honestly Thought You Were The One..."

"I Thought I Could Do It/I Really Did/Instead I Fucked Up/I Really Did/Oh How I Long For The Day To Have Us Some Kids/So That They Can Have Something Better Than I Did/So That When They Grow Up And Make It Big/They Can Say That Their Dad Did The Best He Could So They Could Live..."

"If You Really Wanna Leave Then Leave/Cause I Really Need Some Room To Breathe/If It Wasn't For Us Plantin' This Seed/

Shit, I'd Be The One To Leave/Probably Fuck A Hoe And Get HIV/Naw, That's Not The Kind A Life I'll Lead/I Wanna Be There So My Little Man Can Read/Teach Him About Life And The Birds And Bees/So That One Day When He Plant His Seed/He Can Say Daddy Was There To Help Him Breathe/ NahMean?"

So I Just Felt Like Writing Some Shit Down Rather Than Have It in My Head All Day and Forget By the Time I Come Home

From Work.

No, I'm Not a Rapper or Poet of Any Sort.

I Just Had Some "Junk" Piled In My Brain So I Figured Why Not Just Write It Down.

I Hope You Enjoyed It...

If Not, Well That Sucks.



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