Post # 200: D.I.T.C. Pt. 5: Connected


2004: The Year Hip Hop Took A Left Turn...

After 50 Cent Start Having Fellow Rappers Look At The Numbers,

Hip Hop Started To Become A Rat Race To See Who Could Produce The Highest Soundscan Numbers.

What Resulted, Was A Plethora Of Artist Who Emerged With New Material Solely To Feed The Fans "Consumable" Music That Lacked Initial Creativity And Substance.

Fortunately, There Were Artists In The Background...Rather The Underground That Still Possessed The Qualities Of True MCing And Substance In The Music We All Call "Hip-Hop".

Real Heads Know, Rapper Phonte, 1/2 [1/3 At The Time] Of The In, My Opinion "Most Slept On Hip-Hop Group Of The 2000's" Little Brother.

But What Happens When You Pair Him With One Of Europe's Most Slept On Producers?

You Get Some Real Good Music.

And To Think, They Made This Album Through The Internet.

When The Album First Starts, You Kinda Get The Feeling It's Some A Bit Over-The-Top RnB/Neo Soul/Northern Euro Trip Type Shit...

That's Only Because You Haven't Heard The Whole Album Yet.

When You Get Into The First Half Of The Album, It's Sounds Like A Hip-Hop Influenced Euro Blend, When In Fact It's Quite Different Then That.

It's More Relative Than Foreign [No Pun Intended] And What I Mean By That Is That It Sounds More Like... A Jazz/Smoothed Out/Soulful/2-Step/Hip-Hop/Conscience/Chill Feel.

[Tribe Much?]

The Other Half Melts Away Slightly To The More Neo-Soulish Vibe A Lot Of Mainstream Fans Aint To Fond Of [Although They Should Be]

Overall, The Content Of The Album Is More About The Everyday Hustle And Bussle Of Life, The Classic "Dance Your Blues Away" Feel, The Strain Of Dealing With Adversity, The On-Going Search For The Meaning Of Life, Love And All It's Perils, The Realization of a New, Ever Changing World, And The Overall Joy Of Being Human.

[Pretty Much The Entire Album In A Nutshell.]

Overall, If You're Looking For Something That Will Get All That "Yea-Yea" Off Your Back Or Just Something That'll Lift Your Spirits...

This Is The Album For You.


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