The World According To N.I.K.E.

Now I May Not Be The Most Happiest Person In The World. But I Do Know That In This Day And Age We All Need Something To Believe In...

The Following Quotes Were Either, Created by Me, Inspire From A Movie, Or In Certain Cases, Pro Wrestlers.

So If Any Of These Apply To You, Then Don't Be A Stranger And Comment.


"I Don't Like Public Restrooms"

[Indicating That Nobody Likes A Slut. Real Heads Know What I'm Talking About]

"Fuck You Looking At Me So Hard For!?"

[If A Person Says Some Shit Like, (Dude, You Look Gay) (Dude, I Don't Like That Color) (Why You Look Like That?) You Are Instantly Entitled To Say This Cause Quite Frankly, Niggas Shouldn't Be Looking At Other Niggas That Hard. At All.]

"If Shit Was Easy, We'd All Be Dead By Now"

[As Much As I Hate To Admit It (Not Really) I'm Tragically Lazy. But If Everything Was That Easy, Niggas Wouldn't Have Nothing To Do But Shoot Each Other (Like We Don't Already Do That Now) Cause It Be Nothing Else To Do Once You Get Everything You Want. Keep Hustlin']

"When Life Gives You Lemons, Throw That Shit Back And Ask For A Half And Half"

[When Shit Gets Fucked Up, Whether It Be A Relationship, Job, Family, Money Or Whatever... Just Remember That Through All The Sour Shit Comes The Sweet Sensation On Success]

"Whether You Like It Or Not, Learn To Live With It Cause It's The Best Thing Going"

[My Most Favourite Quote Ever. Again, I'm Not Here Saying I Know Shit. I'm Just Saying That If You Got Something That You Ain't Necessarily Happy With But Makes Things Easier For You, Then By All Means Hold On To It.]


I Got A Job That Pays $9.59 An Hour [Don't Get Happy. It's Only Four Hours A Day, 40 Hours Biweekly] And Right Now I Attend A Community College [I Skipped Classes All This Week [Cause I Didn't Feel Like Going]

But The Difference Is That I Need To Be Thankful That I'm Somewhere Rather Then Nowhere Cause Quite Frankly, I Could Be A...Well Not Really.

But The Fact Of The Matter Is That If You Got Something Going, Hold On To It Like You Would Meagan Good [Hands Off! She's Mine!!!] And Keep Pushing [Like A Constipated Monkey]

"Normal Is Weird, Weird Is Normal"

[My Daily Mantra. For Me It's Simple, Be Different. Period. Cause For Those Who Don't Know, Everybody In The City Of Baltimore Wears A Pair Of New Balance '994's All At The Same Time.]

[Me? I Might Wear A Black Hoody More Often Than I Should. But You'll Never Find Me Without A Different Pair Of Nikes. Every Day. [Hence The Name "N.I.K.E."]

[Overall, Just Be Different Enough To Get A Look So That You Can Say "Fuck You Looking At Me So Hard For!?" And Walk Away With A Smile Cause You Know They Never Saw It Coming...]

Anyway, I'm Done For Now.

Coming Soon: The Most Beautiful Place In The World: Sound Garden

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