Nikeology: The Language Of A Genius

Anybody That Knows Me Knows That I Have A Unique Colloquialisms That For Most People, Is Like, "WTF Is This Nigga Talking About?"

Well, I'm Know Gonna Fix It For You Smart Dumb Niggas [Bitches Too. Don't Get It Twisted. No One Is Safe]

Sidenote: Anything Posted May Or May Not Be [Totally Original] But It's In Good Taste Not To Bite!!! [That Goes To My Fellow Blogger Out There...All Of You]

So Here Goes...

First Word - "Yeamean"


1. Any type of figurative or literal Substance that may or may not have been discussed. [i.e. sex, bad pussy (yea would be a 'no'), work, school, life, etc.

"Ay Yo, I Heard Alot About that girl, b. that "yea" is A Definite "no" Extra Heavy!"

"I'm tryna Get Some "yea" from the "yeamean" But She Keep "Diddybopping"

Next Word - "Extra Heavy"

1. A Term Describing Or Assuming The Level Of Intensity In A Situation, Place Or Thing.

2. The Highest Degree Of Attention.


"My Man's And Em" Is On "Beauty" Extra Heavy!" [Hold The Mayo][*]"

*Hold The Mayo Is A Term To Describe A Person [Preferably Male] In Which He Needs To Hold His Composure [in the case of seeing the opposite sex, said person might wanna 'hold the mayo' in his pants so that he dont look like an "assclown"

Next Word - "Assclown"

1. The Average Loser Who Exceeds The Already low standard of failure.

2. A Person Of Negative Origins or intentions.


"This Dude At Work Is An "Assclown". Like, This Poo-Putt Mofo Talks About Owning A Gun...But Dont Know How Many Bullets It Holds. Such A Assclown"

"This Nigga Chris Brown is Gettin Sonned On By Oprah. He's Not Just A Clown, He's An Assclown"

Next Word - "DiddyBopping"

1. Dancing Around A Certain Topic That Would Seem Easy To Discuss But Seems To Be Too Close To Home Or Touch Bases On Whether Said Person Is Being Totally Honest

2. A Bias, Ignorant, Unnecessary , Unbelievable Comment Or Manner.


"Niggas Say That Nas Got Killed On Takeover And Super Ugly. Dem Niggas "Diddybopping" Extra Heavy On Some "Dick Suckin Lips" Shit!

"Real Head's Know" , Nas Is Better Than Jay. Hands Down. Early!!

And Finally, Last But Most Definitely Not Least....

Last Word - "Real Head's Know"

My Most Commonly Used Word [Mostly On This Blog]

I Used It To Confirm Or Assume People Know What I'm Talking About Or Agree With Me Or Not.

Like, For Example, People Wanna Detox [Or Cuban Linx 2. Wu Heads Know] Come Out This Year. But Real Head's Know, That That Shit Is Like Fucking A Ugly Girl. You Wanna Look Past It And Assume It's All Good...But You Know You Wrong...Eww Dude.

So That's It For Now.

Hope You Enjoyed It.

Coming Soon, The Most Beautiful Place In The World: Sound Garden.



4 Comment[s]:

Malcolm Maximillion said...

We gotta do that sound garden post together, yo. I can film it and make it a vlog..

oNe mAn gAng said...

the examples were classicly executed...

E-Rich said...

Sound garden post what now? Hold the mayo, b.

N.I.K.E. said...

e-rich what you talking about?