Damaged!!! (Pun Intended)

From HipHopDx.Com:

Diddy wasted no time in last night's Making the Band Live Finale; 10 minutes into the show, member Aubrey O'Day was kicked out of the group.
Also leaving the group, D. Woods, who let Diddy know the truth: “I don’t think any of us has been happy for a long time.”

Diddy explained his decision, saying that the Aubrey sitting across from him was different from “the Aubrey that I signed.” Bad Boy's head added later, “I got love for Aubrey. I don’t have any beef with her. I just want to work with the young lady that I signed, not the person that fame has made her.”

Diddy admitted that D. Woods got "caught up in the wrath," though remained steadfast in his decision.

D. Woods will move on to work with her other group, The Girls Club, whereas the future is currently unclear for Aubrey.

2 Comment[s]:

Danielle said...

Aubrey deserved what she got. How you gonna talk smack to the person that basically put you on? If I was Diddy I would have kicked her ass out awhile ago.

N.I.K.E.: God's Favorite said...

I Totally Agree.