Breaking News!!!! 808's Tracklisting

1. Welcome to Heartbreak

2. Heartless

3. Love Lockdown

4. Robocop

5. Anyway

6. Street Lights

7. Say You Will

8. Bad News

9. Amazing

10. Tell Everybody That You Know

11. Coldest Winter

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5 Comment[s]:

Malcolm Maximillion said...

How the fuck did you find that!

Danielle said...

Yea, for real. How did you find that?



N.I.K.E.: God's Favorite said...

Photobucket. LMAO!!!

E-Rich said...

I don't see myself buying 808's & Heartbreak. I just heard Coldest Winter and I'm kind of shocked at how different this is from "college dropout" Kanye.

Malcolm Maximillion said...

Unfortuntately, I'm probably gonna buy it to complete the series. Hey I only played Digi Snacks once since I bought it, I'll probably do the same with this.