D.I.T.C. Pt. 3: Special Herbs Box Set 0-9

MF Doom Pictures, Images and Photos

If You Really On Some Producer Shit Or On Some Underground Shit, Then It's No Doubt That You Know Of This Rare Gem.

This Box Set Contains Almost Every Dynamic Piece Of Production MF Doom Has Ever Created [Or Released] Steaming From His Days In KMD [Google Em'] To His Swan Song Persona Of The Metal Face Villain We've [Real Heads] Come To Know.

No Doubt That If You Listen To This Joint You're Bound To Hear Something You've Probably Hear Once Or Twice.

But Alot Of These Joints Have Been Primary Used On Many Of Doom's Affiliates Albums As Well As His Side Projects [King Ghidara; Victor Vaughn, Monsta Island Czar's, Etc]

Overall There's Not Much I Care To Say Except That If You're Lucky To Find It [Only 7500 Ever Released] Then You're Enjoy It. [Especially The Dj's]

Adios El Bloggals!


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E-Rich said...

And I totally let you have that. I could've scooped it like Haagen-Dazs, but I told you "Hey, they have that shit at Record & Tape Traders.