Attack Of The Biters: The MIMS/Gillie Edition

So, There's Been A Lot Of Talk About MIMS' New Song "Move" Sounding Way Too Similar With Gillie Da Kid's "Get Down On The Ground."

Real Head's Probably Know About Both These Cats [MIMS: My Music Incredibly Sucks.] [Gillie Da "The Ghostwriter" Kid]

But For Those Who Don't Allow Me To Bring You To Speed...

mims Pictures, Images and Photos

Here You Have MIMS [His Music Incredibly Sucks. He Told You Himself]

Most Famous For The 2006 [Or Was It 07'] Breakout Hit 'This Is Why I'm Hot'

[If You Hot, Im Hot. If Your Feet Cold, Mines Are Sizzling*]

While This Smash Hit Was Thought To Have Brought The East Coast [Partially New York] Back On The Map, Many That The Song Is An Example Of Another "New York Rapper" Trying To Sound Like The South. [Blame 50 For That]

[Go Head Switch You Style Up, And If They Hate Then Let Them Hate And Watch The Money Pile Up]

Gillie Da Kid Pictures, Images and Photos

Next Up You Have Gillie The Kid. [Rhymes With Willie The Kid. Ha! I'm Such A Clown!]

Dude Represents The Great Cheesesteak: Philadelphia, PA. [I Could Go For A ChesseSteak Right About Now.]

While Known In The City To Be A Rising Star And A Emcee's Emcee, He's More Infamously Known To Be The Writer For Lil Weezy [That's Lil Wayne For You Knuckleheads.]

Dude Is Truly Talented. [Lil Wayne Is His Biggest Fan. So Much So That They Sound Alike. Probably Because He Wrote Everything He Ever Spit Post-Hot Boys]

So Anyway I Found This Video On Worldstarhiphop Where This Guy Pretty Much Puts Both Songs Back To Back

*That Verse Is From Jay-Z. You Bastards!

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E-Rich said...

Oh, come on. Just because their songs sync up doesn't mean Mims is biting off Gillie. If anyone, Mims jacked the Cool Kids whole swag. The little screwed up hook, his flow sounded similar to Mikey Rocks and they bit off of Chuck Inglish's production style with the bare-bones drum and clap beat. That's just me, though.