Shouts Out To All The Bloggers I Follow And Who Follow Me.

I Know I Aint Really Post Anything On Here In A Minute, But Even Still I Got 9 Followers So I Must Be Doing Something Right.

Oh Yeah, And Thanks To The Ppl That Voted On The Poll.

I Had Some Haters [Assclowns] But Hey, It Makes Me More Eager And More Creative So That I May Be Able To Find More Stuff To Talk About And Post On The Blog.

I Would Get In To Writing A List....

But I Dont Feel Like It. Lol

You'll Know If You Mean Something To Me If I Comment On Your Page.

But Anyhoo, It's All Love Over Here So,

Live Long And Prosper And Eat Right And Fuck Good And All The Other Good Stuff. Lol.

And Always Remember:

"When Life Gives You Lemons, Throw That Shit Back And Ask For a Half And Half"

[Real Head's Know That A Half And Half Is Half Iced Tea/Half Lemonade. Not Milk, You Sorry Ass Coon. Lol]

Adios, El Bloogals


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