Portraits Of A Legend- Jay-Z

So I Figured I Start Making Shit Interesting On My Blog By Making Features Of Shit I Like/Love/Hate, Etc.

Back To The Task At Hand, Although Many People See Him As The Anitchrist [Google It, Myspace It, YouTube It, IDC Just Prove Me Wrong] But Dude Puts Out Some Hard Hitting Shit! [My Ribs Hurt]

Obviously Im Talking About Hova The God [Nigga Blasphamy]

Here's A Random Album Of Pics I Yoink'd Off Of Photobucket.

jay z Pictures, Images and Photos

[To Real Heads Only, Jay Is Rocking The MF DOOM Ostrich Dunks] [Eh, They're Okay]

jay z Pictures, Images and Photos

[Jigga And B Look Awfully Disgusted At Something... (Rihanna Maybe?)]

jay z Pictures, Images and Photos

[Imma Let You Tell It, Do I Seriously Have To Ask?]

Jay z. Pictures, Images and Photos

[I'm Not a Businessman...]

Jay -Z Pictures, Images and Photos

[The Twin Towers Are Still Up. Need I Say More?]

And Finally....

jay z Pictures, Images and Photos

[I'm A Brooklyn Boy, It Might Take Some Getting Used To...]

Please Give Me Some Feedback...

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Super Woman said...

im not a business man... im a BUSINESS Mannnn.

I dislike him getting his kanye on. I dont care how much or what kind of glasses those are that he has on. I dont understand this letting your hair grow wild thing. no shaving.

Is this a sign of just not caring?

Jay and Bey are like the ultimate couple.