If I Can Be Serious For A Minute - Lance Storm

Nikes, Dikes, And Excitebike, To Me, Is About Random, Pointless And Rare Artifacts Of Life That I Find Interesting. It's Never Been A Goal To Write About Me Or The Experiences That I Endure [Cause, Quite Frankly, I'm Extra Regular, You Know, Boring.] So Yeah, I Posted A Little Bit About Myself In My Early Joints [Posts].

That Said, Now Imma Share With Yall My Recent Blog On Myspace

[Warning: I Misspelled A Couple Of Words Cause I Wrote For Like Three Hours Nonstop [Ouch My Fingers Hurt] So Don't Judge Me]

So This Is Me Just Releasing The Thoughts I Have On The Daily So. If Anyone Is Offended Or Unimpressed By What I Might/Will Say, Then I Suggest You Keep Reading Any Ways Cause It Might Mean Something To You To Know That It's Honest And Real And Might Be The Only Clear Way Of Understanding What I'm Saying.

So Yeah A Lot Of Shit Is On My Mind Right Now. My Mans And Em' [Brother, Friend, Etc] Is Struggling With This Smut [Dirty Woman] That Keeps Playing Him Extra Dumb Greasy [Playing Him For A Fool] And I'm Like, Yo, Cancel That [End Communication] Hoe [Whore] And Keep It Moving [Look Towards Something Better] Cause Nobody Likes Public Restrooms [Whore].

I Mean I Know That Shit Aint Really That Easy, But Some Shit Needs To Be Killed [To End] And Yea Means [Things] Need To Be Taken As A Stepping Stone To The Yea [Future]. So, If Things Aint Really Working Then, Maybe Those Joints [Issues] Need To Be Reevaluated And Dealt With Extra Heavy [With Great Consideration].

Speaking Of Which, That Brings To My YeaMean [Situation] About The One I'm Dumb Trippin [Infatuated With] Over. So, I Tend To Put MySelf In A Position Of Awkwardness When It Comes To Women. Like, I Tend To Over-Analyze And Exaggerate My Feelings Or The Qualities Of A Woman. Maybe It's Because I Aint Never Really Had To Opportunity To Really...Be With A Woman To The Point To Where..I Could Totally Be Secure With How She Felt About Me. [Maybe It's My Weight, Maybe It's My Age, Maybe It's Just Good Ol' Insecurity And Low Self Esteem That Just Love To Come Around At The Wrong/Right/Wrong Moment Of Progressing Or At Least..Assuming There's Any Progress Being Made] [That's The Insecure/Self Esteem Talking]

So Yeah I Recently Told Her I Love Her [Big Word, Depending How And When You Use It] But The Catch Is..I'm In Love With Her [Yikes!] But At The Same Time, I'm Telling Myself That Maybe I'm Not In Love, Maybe Just Extremely Infatuated And Lustful T'wards Her. At First Glance That Might Seem So, But It's Much More Than That.

You See, Unlike My Mans And Em' [Friend , Brother, Etc.] I'm Not That Kind Of Gut That Is After The Pussy Or Some Bomb Ass Head [Although I Wouldn't Mind Either.] And Then Maybe Consider A Relationship. Now, I'm Not Saying My Man's And Em' [Brother. Friend, Etc.] Is Just After That Quick Nut [All The Time] Especially Considering What He's Going Through Right Now. I Mean, That's My Mans [Friend, Brother] And I Support Him Extra Heavy [Full And Total Support] But Just As A Blemished Person Myself, I Still Gotta A LOT Of Work To Do. So Neither One Of Us Is Poppin In The Streets [Perfect or At Peak Performance] Right Now. Long/Short, That's My Man's And Imma Be There For A Min [Considerable Amount Of Time] So Aint Nothing He Gotta Worry About Dealing With All By Himself Unless He Feels He Needs To And Vice Versa.

So Yeah, I'm In Love With This Girl. There's No Doubt In My Mind. But There's Always That Itty Bity YeaMean [Sense] Of Falseness And Doubt.

I Mean There's Nobody On My Whole List Of Buckets [Girls Who Shall Remain Nameless, Not Cause There Dead But Because They Dont Matter] That Can Compare To Her. She's The Kind Of Girl, For Me, Is What Made Barack Obama Pursue His Wife For Months Until He Finally Did Something Right And She Finally Said Yes And Eventually Helped Him Become The President United States Of America. She, To Me, Is What Made Biggie Go After Faith Knowing Good And Damn Well He Wasn't No Looker [Mind You, I Dont EVEN Look Like Biggie, But Dude Had Taste And Swag To Match] The Type Of Person You Can Just...Feel. Relate To. Vibe With. Chill With. Feel With. Touch With. *Uh* With. You Know That...Thing You Just Don't Get With Any Other Man, Woman, Vegetable, Fruit, Vitamin Or Mineral.

But While Im Feeling Like That, She's Dealing With Her Issues Pretty Much As I Am But With A More, Yet Similar, Yet Complex, And Complicated Situation That, While Trying To Be A Good Friend, Is Finding Preetty Hard To Watch From The Sidelines, Only Wishing I Could Save Her The Trouble And The Stress Of It. But At The Same Time, I Know That I Can't Save Her...Completely.

I Know That While That May Be The Issues As Well As Her Home Life And Her Work Life And Her Life As A Whole, I Still Wish That I Could..Fix It For Her.

But All I Can Do Is Love Her. That's Really All I'm Good At At This Point....

So, I Hope To Whoever Reads This Is Enlightened And Hopefully Fulfilled That I Explained Most Of My YeaMeans [Dialect/ Life] To You. So If You Aint Know Before, You Know Now.

2 Comment[s]:

Mr. Jolla said...

LOL @ your YeaMeanery...

Muze said...

i love this.

so honest.

hope she realizes.

i don't think i Love him. but i could... love him.