Diggin In The Crates Pt.1: The Love Below

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Imma Be The First To Say That This Shit Right Here Nigga!! This Is The MOST Innovative, MOST Creative, MOST Slept On Material In ALL of Hip-Hop. Period.

[That And Prince Paul's "Prince Among Thieves"]

Like, This Joint Came Out In Like...2003 I Think? When It First Came Out I Really Wasn't On My "Hip-Hop, You Don't Stop" Shit.

[Cause Back Then Niggas Was On 50's Joint's Extra Dumb Ultra Heavy!!!]

Know Don't Get Me Wrong, Speakerboxx Ain't Laggin' Behind.

But The Way I'm Feeling Now [Especially About A Certain Soft Drink] I Honestly Appreciate This Joint A Lot More.

[808's Helped Me Cope With My Situation A Bit, But I Needed To Hear Some Throwback That, In My Opinion, Inspired 808's And The First Place]

Sidenote: Electric Circus As Well As The Other Two Joints Are Soo Not Hip-Hop. Well... Not Completely.

You See, I've Learned So Much About Music. And I've Learned That Certain Shit Really Doesn't Need To Be Categorized. You Just Gotta Take It As It Is.

Anyhoo, Getting Back To The Task At Hand, This Album Is Not, I Repeat NOT What Most People Would Probably Dumb Down And Call "Alternative".

It's So Much More Than That. To Me At Least.

Dude Blends So Many Musical Concepts.

So Many Different Ways To Describe The Feeling Of Love.

It's Like A Sitcom To The Many Aspects Of Love And Life And The Beauty And The Sorrow In Between It.

[Hope That Makes Sense. Lol]

Overall, If You Ain't Up On This Joint Now, I Strongly Suggest [On Some Roger Clemens Steroid Shit] To Cop These Joint!!!

I Honestly Would Right More, But My Fingers Hurt.

[Such A Terrible Writer I Am Lol.]

2 Comment[s]:

Malcolm Maximillion said...

I heard of this album but never personally checked this out.

I don't think the Love Below is slept on tho, it gets mad love, at least from me.

Mr. Jolla said...

man...both of those albums are the truth!

@ Malcolm-The Love Below was slept on initially....HARD. Folks were hitting him with the same shit they are hitting 'Ye with, and Common and Mos Def when he dropped "The New Danger"...'I want that old thing back...'(c) Jay-Z

I digs all of the aforementioned albums though, and like fam said they don't need to be categorized....good music is just good music. Period. It's like trying to categorize Maroon 5 and N.E.R.D....you really can't, it's genre bending.