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J Dilla

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Royce 5'9

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Black Milk

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Slum Village

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black milk ill.........j dilla rip baby ....slum vill dope. lika da blog yall . nike banner tite

Malcolm Maximillion said...

Only thing I'd do is replace Slum Village with Elzhi, that dude is a fucking beast

N.I.K.E. said...

Absolutely! I Couldnt Find A Recent Picture So I Took What I Could.

Nora said...

Hi there! My company does marketing & publicity for Black Milk. Thanks for recently posting about Black Milk on the daily blog portion of your site. I'd like to know what email address I can send press releases, videos and mp3s to for artists that would be a good fit for your site.

We sent these out recently, which include a Black Milk mixtape, press release announcing his upcoming album Tronic, and his latest single "Give the Drummer Sum."

post any of these to your site!

Also, check out our current roster here.

-Nora Ritchie
Online Marketing Manager
Audible Treats

E-Rich said...

Oh, shit! Tim getting noticed by industry bigwigs!

Malcolm Maximillion said...

Damn you Tim, all the shit I've been posting on black milk

*turns into the hulk*