Top 5 Wu Songs

#1 Winter Warz (Ironman) Ghostface, Raekwon, And Cappadonna.

While Im Not The Most Up To Date Wu Head, I Know For A Fact That This Joint Is What Preetty Much Put Cappachino On The Map. While Everyone Did What They Did Best Lyrically, Cap City Just Went Ahead And Blazed Off With The Hottest Verse On The Entire Track!!

Even Going As Far As Puting His Number Out There For The Ladies

dial 9-1-71-6-0-4-9-3-11/And you can long dick hip-hop affection/I damage any mc who step in my direction.

All In All, The Track Was Hot But Cap Let It Be Known He Was Going Burn Any Challengers Trying To Test The Wu.

#2 Daytona 500 (Ironman) Rae, Ghost, And Cap City
I...Dont Really Have To Explain Why This Is On My List. Or...Even Ask You If It's On Yours The Song Speaks For It Self, Literally.

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#3 The 4th Chamber (Liqiud Swords) Ghost, Killa Priest, RZA

Son Son!! Or Whoever Is Reading This, Please Stop Reading If You Aint Up On This!!
Pretty Much Crazy Beat, Dope Lyrics, And A Message. This Is What Hip Hop Should Have Stayed Like!!

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#4 Protect Ya Neck (36 Chambers) Wu-Tang Clan

If It Wasn't For This Joint, I Would Be List Any Thing Wu Tang Because This Is What Pretty Much Did It For Me.

And Last But Certainly Certainly Not Least..

#5 C.R.E.A.M. (36 Chambers) Wu-Tang Clan







Nothing Esle Needs To Be Said...

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