Top 5 (N.Y.)

Any Objections? Comment.

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Malcolm Maximillion said...

Take reasonable doubt and illmatic, pff. Replace with It Was Written, Wu-Tang Forever or 36 Chambers (doesn't matter both are winners lol).

Although Cuban Linx is my favorite album....EVER. After that its Supreme

T.Chester said...

Absolutely Agree With Cube Linx (Still Waiting For The Sequel) But Illmatic Is A Classic!!! The Only Joint I Can Play Front To Back, Back To Front.

Malcolm Maximillion said...

I know illmatic is classic, I just liked IWW more for some odd reason. Mainly becuase of "I Gave You Power" and "The Message".

The longer Raekwon makes us wait for Cuban Linx, the more I think RZA isn't gonna be on it.

T.Chester said...

It Was Written Was A Damn Good Album! I Gave You Power Should Have Been A Street Single.

Cuban Linx2 Is Just Just Like Rakim's Aftermath Album...It Doesn't Exist And If It Did RZA Probably Won't Show Up But If He Could Get Mathematics or Preemo Then Maybe It's Worth Waiting For.