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So It's The End Of October And So Far I've Posted About A GAZILLION Things That Were Completely Random. Now I Think It's Time I Share A Little Bit More About The Man Behind The Sneaker..Nikavelli

Name: Timothy K. Chester Jr.

AKAs: Mr. Nike, N.I.K.E., Nikezilla, Nike Calzone, Kickman, The King Of Kicks, Kickzilla, IRock (Nikes), That Nigga Look Like... [Timbaland, Biz Markie, Gorilla Zoe, Etc, Take Your Pick], Debo, Fatman, ECON, E.C.O.N., T.K.C., Tim, Timmy, Tim Tim [YOU CANT USE IT!!!], Chester The Molester [I Hate That Name], Fat Yo Wit The Tennis, Sneaks Almighty, Great In Bed, Gives Good Head (To Chicks), Tim Trees.

Physical: "I'm 6'1 And I'm Tons Of Fun!!!" - The Sugar Hill Gang

[I'm Actually Just 6' Even But It Sounded Funny Lol]

Representing: Baltimore,Maryland

[I Really Wish I Was A New Yorker Cause Baltimore Life, For Me, Just Ain't Poppin']

School: CCBC: Dundalk

Plans: Whew...I Might Have To Get Back With Y'all With That LOL [I Really Don't Know] For The Most Part, I Can Say That I Have A Love For Music But I Don't Wanna Be A Musician Or A Super Dope Producer Or Whatever. I've Always Liked To Stay Behind The Scenes. So Eventually Imma Go Head And Try The Audio Programming Thing. Other Than That, I Want T Try To Find A Better Job And Move Into An Apartment [I REALLY NEED SOME FREE SPACE] Find A Girl..Scratch That..Woman And Probably Just Live. You Know?

Favorite Sport: Pro Wrestling

Hobbies: Guitar Hero, Music, Sneaks, Porn, Cardigan Sweaters, Posters, And Being Fresh For No Reason

Favorite Rapper: Ghostface, Nas, Biggie, Yeezy, And Murs

Favorite CD: Illmatic [From Top To Bottom, "Genesis" To "It Ain't' Hard To Tell", This Is My Shit!!! (Katt Williams)

Favorite Food: Chicken, Pizza, Cheese steaks [Fat Ass Ain't I?] And Green Tea

Favorite Clothing Brand: Poverty's Thread [Please. PLEASE Google These Guys!!!]

Favorite Website: Google. [It's Like GOD Spelled Backwards]

Marital Status: Dreadfully Single [ Although I've Come To The Conclusion That All Women Are Clowns, And I'm Way Too "Blessed" [Call It What You Want] To Be Gay [Not That There's Anything Wrong With That]

Religion: God And The Devil, Good And Evil, Negative And Positive

So Know, Imma Give Y'all A Glimpse Of My Favorite Shit...

Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero Pictures, Images and Photos

My Man G.R.W. Got Me On This Joint During The Summer. And Since Then I've Never Been The Same.


E-Rizzy Shouldn't Have Told Me Where To Find This!!! LOL. I Have A Knack For Finding Slept On Material. Whether It Be Beats, Music, Shoes Or Whatever. Personally, I Just Think That I'm Suppose To Find Stuff Like This.


Since I Bought My First Pair In 2004, I've Been Hooked! Every Since I Found Some Vintage Georgetown Hoyas Terminators Size 12...He He...Sorry.

And Last And Certainly NOT Least...


Dude, I Ain't Even Gonna Lie, I Love Myself! Not In That "Look In The Mirror Everyday" Kinda Thing. But I Try To Appreciate The Flaws And The Gifts God Gave Me [Such As Blogging LOL]

I Mean, I Ain't The Type Of Person That's Conceited or Whatever, But Every Now And Again I Like To Think To Myself... [You Should To] ... I'm The Shit [And The Urine]

So In Conclusion, I Urge Everybody To Comment And Just For Fun You Should Try To Make A "Profile" Of Yourself As Well. Who Knows? It Might Even Be Interesting...

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