Lil Weezy Exposed!!!

I But All You Weezy Dickriders Thought That This Nigga Was Original....THINK AGAIN!!!

See Cause I Happened To Listen To Musiq Soulchild's 1st Album The Other Day.
Mind You, His Album Came Out In 2000.

The Song "You And Me" Contains A Oh-So Familiar Verse That Weezy F. Baby Basically Bit The Fucking Bat Off!!! (Sorry Ozzy) Here's A Listen:

Note: The Verse Doesn't Come In Until About 2:04.

You And Me - Musiq

Prostitute Flange - Lil Wayne

Damn Weezy ...
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2 Comment[s]:

Danielle said...

Weezy = Swagger Jacker!

E-Rich said...

Yeah, I been knew about that. Lil Wayne should just stop singing. These little loose noodles are saying his voice is sexy and encouraging this nigga to sing. When he uses auto-tune, it sounds like he's deep throating fan.