Hip Hop Quotable...

Absolutely, just let it go...We now dangerous, M. Def tha flavorish/Big hip, lick ya lips, shoot to savor it/So refreshin, no regression, host a session/It's pro-black, pro-progressive, so affective/The 9th Wonder is a Lil' Bro collective/Black Dante, Mr. Phonte cold perfection/Warm soul on glow, not a neck on froze/Keep your stuff on go, 'fore I check these hoes/You fuck around and get it how it get mayne/Case smack attack harder than ya pimp hand/My speaker box equinox like Coltrane/Killa K flow mayne need it in the dope game/Hairy gorilla call back, no Rogaine/and I make that ass drop like I'm Soul Train/I got soul mayne, heart and brains to match/I'm wit the Lil' Bro, what's fuckin wit dat??/I put my town on the map like a star..Wit'out the car..And I ride clean, and my thing bling....and you know exactly how I mean/9th Wonderful, so beautiful/So unusual, it's sho' plainon your brain, in your body, in your soul/All my hopes show..reach the goal.
- Mos Def
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