The Columbine Song (The B-More Edition)

When I Die, I Don't Wanna Go To Hell/ But Imma Piece of Shit It Aint Hard To Fucking Tell/ It Don't Make Since Tryna Be Friends With The Goodie Goods That Dress The Same/I'd Rather Dress The Way I Want and Be Called a Lame/ Them Niggas Probably Have me on Real Bitch Shit/ Wear American Eagle or Abercrombie & Fitch/Hanging Wit Them Goodies Goods Lounging At The Paradox /Fuck That Shit, I'd Rather Fucking Kick Rocks!/All My Life I Been Considered A Loser/But In Fact, I've Been Doing Something Much Cooler/Time after Time, I Been Doing My Thing/ And Since 89' Aint A Damn Thing Changed/Niggas That I Know Remember Me When I Was Younger/Eatin' All The Food And Still Itchin' For a Hunger/But I Wonder I Die Would Tears Come To They Eyes?/I'm Waiting For They Bullshit, I'm Waiting For They Lies/They Said When I Was In School I Used To Be A Fool/Who's The Blame For All of That? (Yall Niggas, All of You)/ I Swear To Beans I Wanna Just Hit Bricks And End The Bullshit /Call My Homie So We Can Empty A Full Clip/Nigga Please, I'm On The Edge/ Everyone's Dead/I'm Proud Of It, Who's The Next One To Behead/The Stress of Buildin' Up, I Can't Belive Actually Made These Niggas Bleed/Lord Help Me Please/I Swear To God Yo I Know This Aint Me/ It Must Have Been The Devil Taking Control of Me/ You Know It Kinda Seems Like That Movie From Way Back/I Can't Think Of It Right Now, Cause Now I Gotta Face Facts/ Cause What I Did Was Wrong And They Gonna Convict Me/ I Knew I Shouldn't Have Gotten This Off Of The T.V./So All The Fucking People That Did Me Wrong/ I Hope You Realize I Was Talkin' Bout You All Along/ So, Reach My Peak, Life's Absolite/I Runnin' From The Cop's But I Must Accept Defeat/I Told Them I Was Sorry, They Knew I Was A Lie/ So They Sent To Jail For A Mighty Long Time...DAMN!!

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